With goober, you always get the best quality for VoIP and video calls.

Video Call

video call

Video calls in HD quality. 3D and full screen display also possible. Just set up your webcam and headset and get started! Needless to say, video calling is free of charge.
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goober voip

Outstanding sound quality, even without a headset. Call for free using goober. Great rates for calls to mobiles and landlines. The first two minutes are always free of charge!
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goober flatrates

Call without a care! Just buy one of the goober flatrates and make unlimited calls. There are various flatrates for individual countries to choose from, as well as for Europe or the world.
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Premium VoIP

goober premiumvoip

Receive calls in goober from mobiles or landlines! Not available? Simply set up the forwarding function, and the answering machine makes sure you won't miss a thing.
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goober conference tools help you work better as a team.

6-person Video Conference

goober video conference

Up to 6 people can use the goober Video Conference at the same time - in outstanding audio and video quality! An ideal tool for discussing team projects.
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Discussion Board

goober discussion

The ideal tool for planning and organization. You can take part in the discussion at any time, and it doesn't matter whether contacts are online or not - everyone is informed about new entries via the Info Panel.
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Voice Conference

goober voip conference

In our Voice Conference, as many contacts as you like can talk together. Perfect for meetings or making arrangements.
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All your friends in one place!

Multi Messenger

goober multimessage

Six other messenger protocols can be integrated into goober Messenger. It doesn't matter whether they use AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live Messenger - any contact can easily be included in your contact list.
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Social Networks

goober socialnetworks

Your Facebook or Twitter account in goober Messenger. Everything at a glance, so you're always up to date. Comment, tweet, and write what you're up to - all directly in goober!
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No other messenger has so much to offer!


goober webfolder

The integrated virtual hard drive in goober Messenger can be used to save files. If you like, access can be limited to certain contacts. Optional online authorization allows even non-goober users to call up the files using a link.
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Text Message

goober sms

Fast typing using your PC keyboard and great rates save you time and money. A text message can be sent to lots of contacts at the same time. It's so easy using Multi SMS!
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Use address details

goober adressbook

Direct access to your contacts' address details - whatever you need for each function, such as e-mail addresses or phone numbers.


goober widget

Your interactive business card, for integration in community pages or emails. Anyone can use the various communication tools via our widget. Choose from Chat, VoIP telephony and Video Call.
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And lots of little things:

goober messenger

History of chat entries, sent and received files as well as calls, offline file transfer (even to other messengers), Screenshot, RSS viewer, radio, TV and lots more!

Messenger Standard

Contact List

goober contactlist

All your contacts, easy to see at one glance. Quick and direct access to all goober features. Design your own layout and decide which icons you want shown.
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goober chat

Tabbed chat means that several chats are brought together in one window so they're easier to see. Using Chat Conference, you can chat with lots of partners in one window! A history function for reading back on old chats later is also included.
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File Transfer

goober filetransfer

Quick and simple file transfer with all contacts. File transfer is even possible offline. Just attach the file or drag'n'drop it onto the contact to send it.
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goober smilies

Colorful, cute and exciting - that describes our goober emoticons! You can use them to make chats more fun. Lots of great new animations are included, and you can even add your own images.